Conscious UX Advisory
Helping your business hold "space"
noesun has been a beautiful sandbox to test multiple approach to emotional well being and transformation. As we go deep with the people who join our experiences, we get invaluable verbal and behavioral feedback — actual real life results during and after the experiences —, and insights. This positions us uniquely to advise you on Conscious UX.

As conscious user experience advisors, we bring a new perspective and a methodology to audit, redesign and support you through the delivery. We structure our process around Emotional UX and Transformative UX. In a nutshell, it is about managing your users’ emotions and the transformative impact of the experience you provide to them.
Emotional UX
How does the experience of your product (event/ hotel/ office/ space /event /service) feel?

Which “state” do your users arrive with? Which “state” do you want/need them to leave with? How often does it happen?

Who is currently accountable for the emotions of your users (/customers/employees)?
Transformative UX
How much can your product transform your users’ life and the world? Directly? Indirectly?

Are you maximizing on the transformative potential of your product?

Which values can be embedded in the experience? Can the life experience you support be an opportunity to manifest specific values?

How this service offering came to be

Like us, you see the momentum.
There is a strong movement towards “mindfulness”.

More and more people practice meditation, yoga, and go to experiential events that transform through arts and embodied practices.

Practices that used to be “exceptional”/”extraordinary” and localized are going mainstream / global. Plant medicine ceremonies (like Ayahuasca or Cacao) are a good example of this.

These experiences induce a positive emotional and mental state. The users then seek to integrate these new levels of consciousness and pleasantness beyond the time of the practice.

That leads people to be more mindful and live differently (“more consciously”), which impacts all their purchasing habits. Think the change in habits of realizing the impact of sound, the circadian rhythm, animal products, plastic, personal travel, etc.

And it is only accelerating with:
  • Covid and the associated restrictions which forced more people to look inward,
  • Technology offering plenty of meditation/wellness apps/services, and

The current global feeling around human impact on the planet that forces a change in our lifestyle. That feeling is echoed in the media where both the problems (human impact, consumerism, capitalism in its current format, etc.) and solutions (that usually are “conscious living”) are presented, participating to the rise of awareness.

Let's NOT consciouswash, like some have greenwashed

As more and more of us long for emotional improvements (courage, peace, joy, love) or awakening even, and as we look to have a more positive impact on the planet and our communities, there is a financial incentive for companies to market themselves and get credentials as “conscious” players. Some do the talk without doing the walk, sometimes not even intending to.

We believe this is an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself and your business, while changing the world. Businesses ignoring, downplaying, or resisting the conscious movement will limit their future and give your business more space to grow.

Why is the world/market going there? What do people need? How do you contribute and how can you contribute further?

Review the value and experience your provide to your clients, look at your products, services, operations from a “conscious” angle. Any insights? What improvements can you make? Quick wins? What long term roadmap can you see? The first space you hold for others is the one you hold for your teams, is that space “conscious”?

It might be hard to do though. Who drives this agenda in businesses today? Which partners can you rely on when it comes to “conscious UX”?

Let’s embrace and facilitate transformation together

At noesun, we focus on holding space for inner transformation and creation. “Conscious” is what we do, “conscious” is what we built noesun around. We do not claim to be enlightened but our intention is to get as close as we can and to hold space for our users to get as close too. “Be your best self, do your best work.” starts with being conscious.

Because the team has invested time and energy in manifesting conscious values, creating conscious experiences and holding conscious spaces, we have a perspective and a methodology to share.

And… we believe that:

  • Everyone is unique and requires different kind of experiences in order to progress on their path. Everyone is magic. If you don't see it, look again.

  • Each experience, no matter how trivial it may seem, can bring light and transform someone’s day. Something very simple but transformatively delivered can even change people’s entire perception of the world and themselves. One day can change your life. One person can change the world.

  • It is about repetition. It is about omnipresence even. The more “conscious” we can manifest in people’s life - might it be in the consideration stage or the actual service delivery - the more likely they choose a “conscious” option.

This is how we came to offer conscious advisory and help you and your teams get & hold conscious spaces. Let’s embrace and facilitate transformation together.

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