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You can get more from your offsite.
Your team engaged around an intention and transformed by it.
Planning a team retreat?
Any team experience you want to be more intentional with:
Offsite, Sales Kick-off, Board Meeting, Leadership Meeting, Strategic Planning
For remote, hybrid or office based teams

Because of the physical logistics, team retreats are a massive investment: financial and environmental.

Though, until VR steps up, physical gatherings are the only way to deeply connect. Whether you need to create a new relationship, improve it or ask for support to get things done, humans prefer face-to-face.

Should I Ask Over Zoom, Phone, Email, or In-Person?
Communication Channel and Predicted Versus Actual Compliance. By M. Mahdi Roghanizad, Vanessa K. Bohns. December 27, 2021.

Face-to-Face (FtF) wins vs:
Video Call (VC) and
Audio Call (AC) refer to synchronous communication utilizing video or audio features (e.g., Skype call, Phone call), respectively, while
Video Message (VM) and
Audio Message (AM) refer to asynchronous communication utilizing these features (e.g., WhatsApp, voice message).

By the time you pay for the venue, accommodations, and transportation, costs stack up and you get the attention of your CFO, already. Though, the only thing this buys you is to gather everyone in the same physical space, that's it.

Given the high financial and environmental cost of the offsite, we have the responsibility to maximize its transformative power. Experience design & delivery enables that, it is the investment with the most leverage.

What is so special
  • i - we - it
    i - we - it, in that order. Take care of your people, the teams & organization they form, and the business.
  • Co-created
    By engaging your whole team in the co-creation of the offsite, its transformative power is fully unlocked. There are as many hero's journeys as you have participants.
  • Science based
    Our programs are built on top of the latest research: physiology, psychology, and social sciences.
  • Embodied
    We don't forget the body, we leverage it.
  • Play
    Why so serious? Have fun, (role) play, learn. Make full use of the offsite as a liminal space, a sandbox.
  • Flow
    We offer activities to support each of the 4 stages of the cycle of Flow: Struggle -> Release -> Flow -> Recover
Liminal what?

The anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep shared how humans transition from one stage of their life to another through rites of passage. Rites of passage have three moments:

1) We separate from the world and from what we used to be (old identity)

2) We transition from what we used to be to what we are becoming (identity is suspended)

3) We return to the world as what we have become (new identity)

The transition happens in liminal space. The offsite has this liminal quality.
What do you mean by "sandbox"?

In a computer system, a sandbox is a testing environment in which new or untested software or coding can be run securely. The offsite is a place where you can switch from performance mode (where you want to avoid mistakes) to development mode (where your mistakes are expected, and welcome as deep learning opportunities)

Benefits of working with us
High impact
We work towards your key success factors and key performance indicators, through a more enjoyable, more transformative, and more memorable offsite.

The offsite is not just a few days of liminality, it is also a catalyst to engage your teams for months before and after on key projects, relationships and mindsets.
Right impact
The offsite is an opportunity to pause and take a step back: Reflect on the bigger picture, see further into the future, and open perspectives. Explore, practice, and play. Do we validate what we have been doing? Do we pivot?

For instance, are we creating long-term value, building capacity for the future (goose) or are we milking too much (golden eggs)?
Save time and resources by leveraging our process (bottom of the page) and our dedicated team.

The worse that can happen: External people designing and delivering an offsite. Instead, use the offsite to engage your team on what matters most to your organization.
Engage your Team
Memory is a residue of thought. The more we feel/think about something, the more we'll remember it. People learn most when they do it, when they present. Use internal teams to manage aspects of the offsite and facilitate sessions as a way to use existing resources and offer great personal development opportunities.
What key initiatives will the offsite support?
An offsite should not feel like an additional project. It is a space to gather the group and move strategic initiatives forward. The offsite is integrated with strategic planning and performance management cycles.
Co-creating magic
Magic happens when we are more intentional with each element of the retreat, grounded in a clear and deep understanding of the organization's mission, vision, values and where you stand today in regards to these.

Enlightened by intention and execution excellence, ordinary and seemingly trivial aspects become extraordinary and transformative.
Also cheap
Your CFO will thank you.
Why you can trust us
Next 5 steps (usually 90 days before the offsite)
Get in touch
What are your goals? How do you envision the offsite? What's your context? You can use this template (or not) and send us what you have so far so we study up before our call.
Discovery sessions with each key stakeholder to go through their needs & early vision of the offsite.
High Level Direction
We map the insights from the team, and prepare a high level direction to rally the team around.
Offsite Team Building
The offsite team gathers for briefing and feedback, after the offsite stakeholders have been mapped.
Offsite proposal
Establish purpose, straw-model objectives & identify potential issue set. Review the early proposal.
Get in touch