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"no es un" is spanish for "it is not a". noesun retreats are not retreats as we know them, and noesun resorts, not resorts either. Little in common but, until we serve enough guests to influence language and create new words, we'll borrow words from the current world to build tomorrow's. "noesun" is our prefix so you know it is not really it.

Living intentionally
The goal of noesun is to empower individuals and organizations so that they can be and act more intentionally. This concept is empty until you think about your own aspirations so: who do you want to be? what do you want to do?

Intentions vary a lot. People come to take a step back, reflect on their life, reconnect with their inner fire, some come for self-care, others come to progress on a specific project (arts, business, personal, etc.), . Usually, it is a blend.

While the blend is unique to each individual and where they are in their life at this particular moment, we all share the same human characteristics: physiology and psychology. Our experiences are based on this shared base.

We share the struggle to stay close to our intentions, to live them fully. At noesun, we value willpower and grit — our programs include tools to develop these skills — but we have also learnt that willpower is overrated.
Disciplined people are better at structuring their lives in a way that does not require heroic willpower and self-control. In other words, they spend less time in tempting situations. The people with the best self-control are typically the ones who need to use it the least. It’s easier to practice self-restraint when you don’t have to use it very often.
James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits
So we focus on holding a space filled with productive cues (cues that support behaviors aligned with your intentions) and devoid of unproductive ones (cues that would support behaviors competing with your intentions).

It is about the physical space we choose — nature, building, furniture, art, music... —, the people we invite and the intangible vibe that we all share. The best way to put that vibe into words is to share the values that manifest through our experiences.
Courage to face the darkness and the light. Express your own truth, and reveal the unique beauty you carry in your being. Shine your light! Show your magic. Come roar, like lions in the wild. Don’t hold back, unleash yourself! It is extraordinary.
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. — Thomas Reid
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, & what you do are in harmony. — Gandhi
He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. — Marc Aurel

We are a work in progress and we enjoy the transformation. Leave your preplanned speeches at the door, we are interested in your half-baked projects, your words and thoughts still forming.

What do you know for sure?

What do you really want now?

Reasoning from first principles.

Accepting reality (and ourselves) as it is, not as we’d like it to be. Is it true for you? You feel it? do it?


You are as great as your loving impact on others (& not just humans).

Suspend judgement [had you lived another person’s life, you might talk and act exactly the same way]. Accept. Everyone is a teacher: take in, release. Be grateful and witness the magic.


From the Greek: “possessed by a God“ & we mean it. Intention, Vision, Action, Inspiration.

A grand plan for yourself & the World powers your action and inspires around you.

i, we, earth
We aim to be regenerative — I initially wrote "are" but this is a work in progress and we're not there yet. We design the experiences and spaces to be regenerative, same for the partners we select. We need to document what we do (todo) but the biggest driver has to do with 0km tourism. noesun gives you a deep, exotic experience near your home, no need to travel to the other side of the world to feel a change of scenery, go deep within yourself and your project.

But when we choose 2-3 words to talk about noesun "regenerative" does not make it to the top. Regeneration is one key outcome of noesun, but it is not the essence of the process we offer. What calls people to our experience is to be extraordinary, live intentionally. For many, being regenerative is high on the agenda but we do not want to impose regeneration as an ideology. Instead, we love to see people becoming regenerative as a set of commonsensical practices that support their intentions.

Indeed, the more journeys we witness, the clearer it becomes: self interest is aligned with community and planetary interests. Our experiences offer ways to discover this. This is how we accelerate the transition to a lifestyle that seeks personal growth, contribution to the community, in harmony with nature. We believe that a lifestyle redesign is the number one driver for all other human and planetary challenges. When it is time for you to create, you’ll also most likely build global solutions, instead of more products and services that feed the global challenges we’re facing.

More and more people wake up to the Environmental Challenge. While many are ready to step up and do good even if it clashes with their personal interests, we believe that we will cross the chasm — get the majority and laggards to redesign their lifestyle — through more self interested paths. Whether someone comes with a selfish or a selfless intention, the interdependence of i, we and earth will get them to coincide. Their intentions will enrich everyone's experience but the steps they will take will be similar. It might not sound as noble, but we need results, not selling points.

How to offer more spaces for intentional living?

We shared our Master Plan back in 2021:

  1. First offer growth experiences and gather a tribe of mutual empowerment.
  2. Use that movement to build dedicated physical spaces in nature.
  3. Use that movement to upgrade cities: creating dedicated spaces & helping existing spaces to grow conscious.

While doing above, also help incubate & scale the solutions to our current planetary problems.

The core is to hold spaces of intention:

moment to Moments,

space to Spaces.


The building blocks of everything we do are Practices. To take a software analogy, they're like Micro-Services, that put together form our Experiences. We develop our own Practices and we also partner with Masters.

Practice ∈ Retreat ∈ Resort:
  • A Retreat is formed of Practices.
  • The continuous delivery of Retreats form the Resort experience.

Because Practices are not capital intensive, we could bootstrap the project. Working from this level also gives us strong foundations for everything else, especially with the depth of our research.

Our research spans many areas of life (body, mind, creativity, organization) to inform the development of the Retreats and the Resorts. There are key practices of focus:
  • BodyCare: self-care Practices we teach and Cosmetics we produce)
  • Embodied Arts, including Acting Improv'
  • Mutual coaching (co-coach)
  • Offsite Methodology
Through which we aim to contribute and push the envelope at the Practice layer.


This is the level at which we communicate the most so we will make it short here.

We started with online retreats to support individuals with their personal projects (self-care, making life decision, write a book, work on a business idea, practice an instrument, etc.), the retreats quickly became physical in Portugal and Spain. Then, responding to the demand from friends who lead companies & teams, we started offering Retreats for Organizations as well.

We continue to refine the Retreats; our goal is to offer them more and more frequently to support more individuals at more locations and more flexible timings.


We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.
Winston Churchill
Renting physical spaces has great benefits for experimentation: low financial risk, trying different climates, landscapes, buildings, getting close to different communities.

As the retreat model becomes proven, the higher financial risk of dedicating a physical space to the experience is offset by the cost we can lower. More importantly, we are able to design and build a space fit for purpose.

Most spaces have been built for paradigms we don't want to be limited to. Here are just a few examples:
When you rent, you need to modify the space so that it gets closer to what you need. There is a cost associated to this fitting exercise: it takes time and resources to get the space up to speed physically (for the five senses) and energetically as well. Because it never fits 100% (after all it was not exactly built for what you look to deliver), you get frictions, the physical space gets in the way instead of being a stepping stone.

We are raising funds to develop a new kind of resort for intentional living. The construction of a physical space built to our specs is a pivotal moment for hospitality. It adds value to the retreats and will make waves we can surf to drive occupancy and grow the concept.


Personal Retreats
Parents & Children Retreats
Women Circles
BodyCare Cosmetics & Rituals

We offer Advisory to companies resonating with our Ethos

Conscious UX Advisory to help your business hold "space"

noesun has been a beautiful sandbox to test multiple approach to emotional well being and transformation. As we go deep with the people who join our experiences, we get invaluable verbal and behavioral feedback — actual real life results during and after the experiences —, and insights. This positions us uniquely to advise you on Conscious UX.

As conscious user experience advisors, we bring a new perspective and a methodology to audit, redesign and support you through the delivery. We structure our process around Emotional UX and Transformative UX. In a nutshell, it is about managing your users’ emotions and the transformative impact of the experience you provide to them.
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