Parents & Children
As a Family
Because it takes a village to raise a child.

Our children need us

At 3 months old, they are already awake 10 hours a day and their "solo play" time is less than an hour per day. What it means for Parents and Carers (if you're lucky to share) is 9 hours of childcare to share between ourselves, between Nutrition, BodyCare, Soothing, and Play/Learn. How do you share?

We want to be here for them

We want to take care of all their needs, and we enjoy being with them as much as they do. Time without them becomes long very quickly, we miss them so much.

& we need time for ourselves

If self-care is not something you do naturally, postpartum recovery will force you to rest and take care of yourself. The challenges parenthood offers us (when they get sick or we get sick as a family for instance) will remind us of the need to create space before we need it.

& we want quality time with our partner

Time to enjoy each other, have fun, and be silly together. Forget the world, dream together, make love. That kind of time is rare, our level of energy might not allow for much more than crashing on the bed together. Also, parenthood can take a toll on the relationship and the quality time might be about resolving our differences.

& we want to continue our creative projects

The layer cake being already quite big to cut and swallow, that one might need to be postponed for a while. But sometimes we don't have a choice and our responsibilities call us. Or our projects feed our soul and we can't do without them.
So what now?
Juggling with what all you need/want is a challenge. We won't delve into how overwhelming this all can be. Because we know.

The solution is to "make space". If you have not opened enough space before or since the birth, the retreat is a great opportunity.
The retreat

Coming to our retreat is to get logistics and childcare support. Beyond the organizers, you get the whole village it takes to raise a child.

Our guests come with their whole life. They come to play with harmony. The retreat program and spaces are developed to make it easy for you to integrate the different facets of your being and doing.
What is so special
  • Intention
    You come with clear intentions for self-care, your partnership, your children, and your creation: a project, a transition, your art, for example.
  • Self-care
    Inner reconnection and self-care through Meditation, Breathwork, Movement, Postures, BodyCare, Acting
  • Science based
    Our programs are built on top of the latest research: physiology, psychology, and social sciences.
  • Deep work
    Transformative opportunities to be in silence, disconnect and focus for long enough to go deep.
  • Accountability
    Peer coaching before, during and after the retreat to help hold yourself and others accountable.
  • Flow
    We offer activities to support each of the 4 stages of the cycle of Flow: Struggle -> Release -> Flow -> Recover


Feels so good to let go, knowing everything is taken care of. We are here for you. Just be.


Reconnect to what really matters to you, celebrate what makes you unique.

Shake things up

Play with new perspectives, let go of what no longer serves you.

The below will give you a feel for the type of locations we choose.

Off the beaten path, submerged in peaceful and powerful Nature, and far away from the crowds. But also comfortable and well connected, with spaces for transformation:

Examples of past locations:

Haus of Love, a villa in Santo Estevão, 1h from Lisboa where you can gather around one of the three fireplaces, the sauna and the magnificent pool. The pool house transforms into a dancefloor and it has an intimate yoga and meditation room. You can find wild mushroom and horses on the property as well.

Mateus, a rural estate in Berguedà, 1h30 from Barcelona. Originally built in 1546, the farmhouse was fully renovated to meet modern ecological standards (EU Ecolabel Certification) and offer you great comfort. At 770m, enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or a breathtaking 360-degree view of central Catalonia from Montserrat to Rasos de Peguera to Serra d’Ensija.

Valle de los Sueños, in Puebla de la Sierra, 80km from Madrid. The village and surrounding valleys are a source of inspiration through hikes in nature, a visit of the outdoor contemporary sculptural art exhibition and a demonstration of metal craftmanship in the local medieval Forge by Julian who radiates passion. The two roads to get there are magical, two recommendations: travel at the golden hour and make sure to experience both roads.

Price & what is included
Price TBD depending on the locations
  • Also, our finances are transparent: facilitators and guests receive the retreat's financials.

Always included:
  • All activities for you (Parents) and for your Children
  • A space to create
  • Accommodation in beautiful nature, pampered in the comfort of the home we'll select
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Whole food, plant-based meals
  • Natural Healing BodyCare products (unless you specify you bring yours)
  • Yoga mat (unless you specify you bring yours)
  • Meditation cushion

Usually not included:
  • Transportation
  • Laundry
Apply now
The location and dates of the next retreats are still evolving. We go with the flow and we will take care of everyone who is committed to join us in one of the retreats.
Register your interest with us, we will be in touch.