To gather

Photo: Portuguese Retreat, Dec 2020

What makes a group click?
I remember my high school friends dearly, I love them, miss them and always look forward to our next encounter. Scattered around the globe, we have not yet managed to bring everyone together but we have aimed for it ever since we went our separate ways, and we have kept seeing each other. There is love. It is not the only group I have been part of with that level of love, I remember my early Google days with the same feeling for instance. This high school one is an emblematic one because it was love at first sight, it is fun, crazy, we let our inner child roam free in the group, to this day. And it is the longest standing loving group I feel part of.

Those are groups we built over years of close contact for hours on a daily basis, what about shorter experiences? Again, let's go personal with a few examples, I invite you to think about your own journey and remember the love:

  • At the end of one our personal retreats, I was talking with Ron, a participant, and he was expressing how surprised he was "There is no one I did not like". He explained that usually in groups he'd get a long with a few people, but some others would be unbearable. (He was funny that way in his categorization.) This time though, it was different and it was a new experience for him. I felt happy and took it as a key achievement of the retreat. Love (he probably would have said "connection") is a key human needs. If you don't create that kind of group, the retreat is not a success.
  • I smiled at Ron that day because I was happy of his feedback, but also because I remember my own surprise when I discovered my love and admiration for my acting company. After just a few weeks, a 2 hour weekly rehearsal transformed my perception of my fellow actors. If I had crossed them in a club before, I might not have seen them. They were now people I loved deeply. Like intimate lovers, I knew how they smelled, looked, felt, down to the very detail. And they were shining on stage, I saw their magic. I did not have to look for the wonder, it was self evident. It had been revealed and could never be unseen.
  • Silent retreats are an interesting one. Silence is total, it means that you don't talk and you also do not use rudimentary sign language or seek eye contact. Despite the barriers, every time we join one, the same alchemy takes place. We make very close friends. And, when the retreat is big, even if the only thing you shared is just presence in the same space, you still want to hug everyone, get their numbers.

Physical and Psychological Safety is the minimum requirement. We want to feel that we can be ourselves, no holding back. But what we really want to is Understanding, Acceptation, Compassionate Love.

How can you end up loving and admiring everyone in a group?

Is it even possible? What is your experience?

Open Debate:

Is it about the people you invite?

They need to be magical, worthy of love?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you do not see beauty, look again.

We cannot say that the people attending the retreat are not selected. The programs we offer create self selection and we do work with each participant to make sure their participation to the retreat is a fit for them and for the rest of the group. But the underlying belief we hold is that we are all magical, all worthy of love. It is just a matter of holding a space where it can be revealed. Gathering around intentions of inner transformation and creation creates the basis for the group to click, every time.
Intentional gathering
We gather to grow
We are growth-oriented people who are committed, just like you, to take their lives, practices and projects to the next level.

This community is for anyone who feels a calling to focus on an intention. This calling might be a tiny spark of interest for growth in a particular area of life (your first steps), or you might already be well on your way to your level 10 with your own system for holistic growth. In both cases, you commit to growth, and you accelerate your development.

Together, we get clarity, we create space, we work, we struggle, we progress and we have fun. We share the same values, and share the same commitment towards intentional living. You look left and right and you see kind, loving, fun fellows in this adventure of growth.

So much easier together: wake up to meditate, jump in the cold pool, stay a few more minutes in the sauna, etc. There is power in group practices:
  • We are social: we want to be together (need of connection /love)
  • We want to be the best (need of significance /competitiveness)
  • We model each other (you're the average of the x people you spend the most time with, how these people show up when they're with you is key)
These are great forces to leverage in order to build the habits you have wanted to implement in your life.
A community of light
Come shine with us
Have you noticed how some people light up in some situations although in others they can feel dull? They have this sparkle when they’re on stage talking about growth hacking, when they cook Mexican food, or when they play Baroque music… When they’re doing what they love, they’re in a flow and they feel so much better. They feel good, and they make us feel good. There is an energy around them, it makes the space so much more powerful.

Imagine a community where the people show up for their passion, with their passion and share them with you. It is not so much about finding extraordinary people, it is about holding a space where people can be extraordinary. Express yourself, share your unique beauty, be extraordinary, Light up and light us up!

Going back to the debate we opened earlier, when the stars align:
-1 you feel the group is safe, comfortable, loving;
--2 you trust you can be yourself and you flow
---3 the group can witness your sparkle, the group becomes more interested. After accepting you as you are, the group stars seeking more of the magic you showed. You gave them a sneak peek, they want the full movie. Gradually, more opening, more flow, more love.
The Team holding Space for you
At least some of them
  • Ekaterina Fedina
    Kat is passionate about helping people be healthy and aware of their body, heart and energy. That's why she produces cosmetics and teaches BodyCare practices. Mindful of what she puts into/onto her body and how, her quest took her to India learning Ayurveda and Yoga, to the Nepalese Himalayas studying with Tibetan Medicine doctors. She continues to research new ingredients, formulas and rituals. At the moment, Kat produces small batches for friends and family. She plans to scale her efforts while maintaining the integrity of her products: Natural, Healing, Energetic.
  • Fernanda Arcos
    Visionary architect and interior designer, Fernanda is building the blueprints for the resorts. Originally from the Ecuadorian highlands, she has a deep connection with nature that she integrates in her work. She works on multiple hospitality and residential projects between Ecuador and Spain, within the firm she founded (arcosarquitectura) and collaborating with different design firms. You can get in touch here.
  • Caroline Lavenant
    Artist and healer, Caroline currently practices law. She is passionate, obsessed almost, by risk mitigation and protection, that is what led her to the law. She specializes in intellectual property but works on a wide spectrum of corporate law topics. Her advice means protection.
  • Vincent Daranyi
    When he’s not advising the team at noesun or working on Bitcoin, he’s coaching high-performing individuals. You can find him at
  • Jeniree C. Parra La Madriz
    Talented Chef, Jeniree designs and offers delicious nutrition services. She helps people improve their energy and health through both meal and fasting programs. Check her programs here.
  • Matthieu Pujol
    Awed by nature and passionate about transformation. Matt loves attending and delivering transformative experiences. Working to make noesun a life changing experience, an inspiring community, and a financially sustainable project that can scale, positively transforming the lives of millions and the planet!
Jen, Silvia, Mat (from right to left), just before our last creative & well-being retreat
We need you.
And your friends: to partner, finance, team up.


Public Partnerships: noesun works to establish a new kind of symbiotic relationship with its environment, one that protects natural land and return over-developed land to more natural states. A space where humans respect nature.
The physical space will be a key area of partnership with governments for nature conservation, local socio-economic development and local community wellness. The development of a new kind of hospitality is a major innovation and will benefit the governments involved in the project.
We seek to partner with all levels of government:
  • International / National: on the concept of a new hospitality, a new lifestyle.
  • National / Local: on the physical spaces dedicated to this new hospitality.

Private Partnerships:
  • You are an hospitality group or a real estate company wanting to reinvent itself?
  • You are an architect & design firm inspired to change the future of work and life?
  • You are an innovative construction company looking to have an impact?
  • You work on smart living technology for new kind of buildings and cities?
These are just a few ideas, we are looking to partner. Let’s talk!


Two investment opportunities:
  • Software: The brand, the experience, the software to support that experience.
  • Hardware: Real Estate play to finance the land and the construction of the centers
At the moment, no actor provides the experience noesun has designed, and there is increasing demand for the space we hold. The project is financially attractive, we look for investors who invest into this intention. Value through values.


The main areas where we look for people to team up with us:


  • Content Creation - Text, Audio, Video
  • Content Distribution - Organic Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email
  • UX, Comms Automation & Analytics
  • Design


  • Operations Management
  • Event Management


  • Construction
  • Purchasing
  • Architecture and Interior Design


BodyCare, Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Psychology, Coaching, Goal Setting/Tracking, HIT/Tabata, Nutrition, Fasting, Spa Operations, Food & Beverages, …


  • Fundraising
  • Accounting
g a t h e r u p @n o e s u n .com