What do you envision?
How far will you go?
We design, experience, and integrate offsites together with our partners and their teams. Because of the intense transformative nature of these experiences, it is no surprise a special connection forms between noesun and partner organizations. We often end up becoming Team Performance Coaches. This is how this service came to be.

Before going into how we can power peak performance in your organization, let's ponder the two questions above:

What do you want? How far will you go?

What matters most is not only what you want, it is what you are willing to give up for it.

To make it more concrete, let's apply this line of thinking to concrete examples:
  • What do you do when you need to choose between speed, cost, and quality?
  • You want to develop leadership and culture. How much budget will you dedicate to it? How many work days are you willing to invest for all of you to level up?

Do you make clear cuts? Or compromise to a balance in which you try to do it all?
We want it all. Speed, cost, and quality. Invest in leadership and culture and also in product development, marketing, and customer excellence.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
– Peter F Drucker

We will prompt and empower you to center, sense, decide, commit, and deliver.
What we do for you
Each mission is tailored to the specific needs of the organization we engage with but our work tends to follow a common arc starting with a deep diagnostic of your organization.
We open all the boxes, and it is a blessing.
Source Insights from Surveys
When is the last time you asked all your employees how they think and feel about their work, their manager, your leadership, culture, systems, and processes? Well, let's do it, now and see what emerges.
Attend Key Meetings
We sit in your leadership weekly meetings, your all-hands, team meetings, and even 1:1s. You can also send us the recordings. We tell you what you are doing great and how you can improve.
Interview Key Contributors
We hold sense-making conversations to allow for deeper insights to come to the surface. We interview the C-level team, managers, and individual contributors across functions and geographies to get a complete picture.
We go to the drawing board. Together.
Divide & Gather
Using RACI & MECE, how is work divided in the organization? Is the division empowering for each individual? How do we come together to collaborate and make decisions across siloes? How can we improve to support our priorities? (Speed, Cost, etc.)
Design Spaces
We shape our buildings, and afterward, our buildings shape us. Let's design physical and digital spaces that support our values. Best in early planning when choosing the wall distribution; we can still impact later through furniture & art interventions.
Design Forums

What are the key meetings in the organization? Who is facilitating them? Do we have clear processes? How do we manage silence, diversity & consensus? We design the management cadence, the rituals that make our culture alive to support values and goals.

We develop the Leaders & Culture you need.
Leadership Research
Scientists have identified the conditions that boost energy, focus & creativity. Do you leverage the latest research? Based on neuroscience, psychology, & physiology, we refine a Universal Actionable Model of Leadership, capturing all the right behaviors.
Actionable & Attainable Models
To get the full UAML is "Enlightenment". How much time do you have? ... ;) Instead, we work with you to identify what's most relevant to your organization now. We then design your Leadership Model, grounded in your values, one that is Attainable.
Leadership Development

We introduce the model to your team and find a ramp-up program that works for the organization and each individual. Although people managers tend to get additional support, we empower individuals at all levels to make a deeper impact on the Culture.

We align systems & processes with the vision.
We start with two essential systems: 1) Performance Management through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and Conversations, Feedback, and Recognition (CFR), and 2) Career Development through GROW & PDPs.
Employee Journeys
Every interaction, every moment that employees have with your organization influences whether they'll stay with your organization, and how energized, productive, and creative they will be. Let's shape their experience: hiring, onboarding, growing.
& More
Based on the Audit insights, we work on a wide spectrum of systems: Total Rewards, Outcome driven People Ops, State & Relationship Management, Network Navigator, and Believability-Weighted Decision Making, to name a few.
We hold space to help you peak-perform.
Coach Individuals
New systems are implemented, the bar is raised in terms of Leadership, team members have stretched OKRs and ambitious PDPs, so we coach them to maximize their chances of success & fulfillment. In the process, we gather data to adapt the programs.
Facilitate transformative experiences & conversations
We design & facilitate offsites, leadership meetings & other retreats for your team because they catalyze the high-impact step-change we target. We also hold space for your most important & difficult conversations, to take care of your blind spots.
Design & Implement P2P

We believe in the highest potential of every person, in their inner capacity for leadership. As they connect with their power, we become redundant. They train, mentor, coach, lead each other & take the organization to new levels, themselves.

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